February 11, 2022

The holiday season can be a stressful time for the entire family. There are presents to buy, meals to cook and company to entertain. Sometimes, throughout all of the planning, we can forget about some of the less talkative members of our families, our pets. Thanksgiving can be hard on your four-legged friends as well yourself. The stress of new people visiting and the sudden dip in temperatures can have your pet acting differently. You may not know how to help them out and that’s where we’re here to help! One of the first steps you can take is to consult your veterinarian to be sure that the changes aren’t being caused by a medical issue. Afterward, you can take those recommendations along with following some simple precautions of your own to assure that everyone’s holiday goes smoothly.

Check Your Tags!

When the snow falls, it can become harder for your pets to smell their way back home and so checking to see that your pet’s tags are updated with your current address and contact information, in case they found a long way from home, can be a vital step to keep them safe. Microchipping your pet is another great way to help them find their way back to you if they somehow end up at a local shelter or veterinary clinic.

Make Arrangements With Sitters

If you plan to leave town for the holidays and can’t take your pet with you, for whatever reason, there are countless ways to reach out to sitters near you. Leaving your pets alone for days can make them anxious and upset and can cause all kinds of issues if they aren’t wanting to eat or drink.

Communicate With Your Guests

Not everyone owns or has owned a pet in the past and they may not know what to do while staying with one. Inform your guests about habits that your pet may have and tell them to watch the doors if your pet is a runner so that your pet doesn’t get outside when they’re not supposed to be. There may be guests who have allergies and finding a way to help them out is beneficial for everyone involved. Let them know of any eating restrictions that your pet may have. No matter how cute they are when they beg, overfeeding a pet, or feeding a pet with medical issues, can be unsafe.

Exercise is Always Important!

Some pet parents believe that giving their pet a little more food to “put some extra weight on” for the cold seasons is a good idea but your pets are more resilient than you may think when it comes to cold weather, even so, using a sweater or coat designed for them is often a better move than putting extra weight on that can be hard to work off come springtime.

Keep Children Supervised and be Prepared

Children always mean well, but at times they can do something that a pet may not like and they won’t be able to communicate if they’re upset well enough and so accidents can happen. Keeping toys and treats around is a good way to keep your pets happy and distracted with all of the commotions of thanksgiving.

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